Welcome to my little corner on the net!

Hello, my nickname is Saiferion and i am learning the ropes of web development.

I have always found the topic of writting and sharing ones mind with the wider world through the internet as a very interesting topic; Yet I've never been able to fully delve into it as life, career choices and even my own procastination and laziness led me to derive joy from some other less productive activities and, at the time, i didn't know much about the moving parts of a web page... Let alone a web server!

But i would say better late than never! I've finally gotten around setting up the most basic web server and even got my own domain! And even tho i've gotten a few bumps on the road trying to run it as i am new to linux, i am learning more and more everyday and the process is getting smoother.

I will try to update this website periodically, mostly with an assortment of random topics i am passionate about. Tech, video games, books, social commentary, you name it! i expect to at least write a post or two about something that crosses mind in an exercise of commitment and consistency.

In an age of social media and flashy sites with javascript, where everyone has something to say and it is easier than ever to get what's on your mind out into the world... Why in heck would i chose the hard mode and go and publish a website that may not be as easy to stumble upon, let alone attractive or interesting?